ぱすぽ☆ (PASSPO) LIVE on Cheer-Music Event – 2011.01.16

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On Saturday the 16th of January 2011, PASSPO along with some other Idol acts did two shows that were streamed live on USTREAM. I missed the first show but was able to catch the second, yay! :D (why do I always seem to miss the first shows?)

First up, Noto Arisa! I already know her since I’ve been into the Hello! Project fandom for many many years now. She performed 3 songs and got the crowd all fired up. Great opening act! Plus it’s always nice to see someone from H!P :) She released her first solo album back in December 2009 and I did listen to it, but.. I did not like it. She’s a very cute girl but to me her voice is quite high and nasal and I just don’t like that. D:

This time however she sounded and looked great on stage! She only performed 3 songs (not sure what the titles were) and during this time I had to go and eat dinner..

..when I came back after eating Mizca was on. In fact she was on stage for a LONG time. During the first hour of the show Arisa “Nocchi” Noto probably only performed for the first 10 ~ 15 minutes while Mizca took up the rest of the hour. Now I have nothing against Mizca but was she really supposed to be on that long? D:

Mizca = 2 songs + MC + 2 songs + (this is the part where I came back from dinner) MC where she got one of her backup dancers to bring out a goody bag that had things like a poster and CDs in it and gave it away to a lucky man in the audience who won it from doing janken (rock paper scissors) with another guy. Guess what happened next? A BEAR CAME ON STAGE!!! :D :D :D (not a real one)

This got me interested again since I felt Mizca was taking too long on stage. She was teaching everybody the choreography for ‘キラキラ☆ (Sparkle Sparkle☆)’ which was cute to watch!

Then she begun performing the song with her backup dancers and the bear dancing along.

Now Nocchi came out and I was so happy to see her because it meant Mizca would be leaving the stage soon after this MC bit LOL (I’m sorry but she pretty much had the whole hour to herself which is insane when there are a bunch of other acts waiting)

Doesn’t the bear look like he’s staring deep into your soul?

Finally! Next up, Idol College!

The first song they did was SO CUTE and I loved it!! It’s called ‘Strawberry Parfait (いちごパフェ)’ and it left a great impression for me of the group. This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen these girls perform, I saw them last year but they didn’t really do anything for me back then. I am so glad this show has made me like them. :D

After that was an MC segment then another song ‘シグナル~あなたにとどけ~ (Signal~I Report to You~ *I suck at translating lol*)’ which really didn’t do anything for me.. Then the next song started and immediately from the start I knew I would love it. AND I WAS RIGHT!

‘夢を追いかけて (Chasing After Our Dreams *or something like that*)’ is the name of the song and OMG I loved it. The girls were singing live and it was just beautiful. It was a slower song and I LOVE slow songs/ballads. :D :D Plus I LOVE live singing.

This next song was really cute and it had the girls shouting, “JUMP! JUMP!” while jumping up and down. ‘ジャンピングホップ (Jumping Hop)’ was the name of this song. After that was a short MC segment that led into a medley of three songs: ‘制服恋物語 (School Uniform Love Story)’ + ‘な・り・あ・が・り’ + ‘ぬうべるばあぐ’

Nocchi comes out and talks with the girls.

BYE BYE Idol College! You did great! :D Here’s a hand.

Next up was the ever energetic and perky Kotone Mai. She’s a popular one. :D I have to say that she was dancing a LOT and moving around everywhere so it was hard to get a good screen cap of her..

She performed a total of 6 songs. コズミック☆UNIVERSE (Cosmic☆UNIVERSE) + バレンタインキス (Valentine Kiss) + HAPPINESS + なのです☆ (Definitely) + Masterpiece + Dreamscape before Nocchi came out and the two girls talked. They were cute!

The time was now 7pm JPT and PASSPO had been scheduled to perform at 6:30pm BUT Mizca did take forever so yeah.. But anyway, PASSPO TIME!!!! YAY!!! THE GROUP I HAD BEEN WAITING ALL NIGHT FOR :D :D :D

Right away the girls went into ‘Let It Go!!’ and as expected, they were AWESOME and got the crowd fired up.

I think something important to note here is that the viewer count on USTREAM jumped up from around 170 people up to over 230 people when PASSPO came on. :) *thanks Brian for noticing!*

Right after that, “BREAK OUT!!” which is an AWESOME song (okay I will say that about any and every PASSPO song but still) and Shiori ROCKS this song!!!!! JUST LOOK AT HER GO:


“アテンション☆プリーズ!ぱすぽ☆です!” (“Attention please! We are PASSPO!”)

‘Pretty Lie’ time!

‘Go On A Highway’!!!

‘GPP’ (Girls Pajama Party)!!!

“Everybody, DYNAMITE!!!”

MC time! The girls introduce themselves. :)

‘無敵GIRL’ (Invincible Girl) time!!

‘夏空ダッシュ’ (Summer Sky DASH)!!

Now for the last song which is an AWESOME one, LA LA LOVE TRAIN~恋の片道切符~ (LA LA LOVE TRAIN~Love’s One-way Ticket~)!!! TAKE OUT YOUR TOWELS AND GET THEM SWINGING IN THE AIR!!


Nocchi comes out again.

Time for the girls to say, “Bye bye!” and for the half hour intermission before the second half of the show begins. I didn’t bother to watch that half though but some of the acts that performed were YuiKaori and Pre-Dia.


If you want to see the notes I took while watching the show, here you go. They’re messy. :P

1. Noto Arisa = 3 songs
2. Mizca = 2 songs + talk + 2 songs + talk / goody bag giveaway by janken + bear comes on stage + キラキラ☆ with bear + talk and Noto comes out as the MC
3. Idol College = いちごパフェ WHAT A CUTE SONG + MC + シグナル~あなたにとどけ~ + 夢を追いかけて (live singing, crappy lightning) but OMG LOVE THIS + ジャンピングホップ a cute song with lots of jumping + short MC leading into.. + 制服恋物語 + な・り・あ・が・り + ぬうべるばあぐ + Noto comes out to MC with the girls
4. Kotone Mai 小桃音まい まいにゃー = コズミック☆UNIVERSE + バレンタインキス + HAPPINESS + なのです☆ + Masterpiece + Dreamscape + MC with Noto
5. PASSPO = LET IT GO!! + Break Out + MC + Pretty Lie + Go On A Highway + GPP + MC + Invincible Girl 無敵GIRL + Summer Sky DASH 夏空ダッシュ + LALA LOVE TRAIN – OMG GUY GIVING THE GIRLS A HEART SIGN LOL


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  1. nice write-up, was fun watching with you!

  2. I love you. I’d let you ride on my shoulders. Nice recap. <3

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