Japanese lyrics request

If there is a Japanese song you want to see up here, let me know here. Sometimes it might take longer for me to put stuff up because I’m busy with real life stuff but I’ll try my best!

If you have anything useful like who sings what and translations, please post them too and I will put them up as well (with credit to whoever translated it).

Thank you and please be patient! :D I’m the only person who updates here and I’m a student so.. yeah, lol. :B


78 Responses to “Japanese lyrics request”

  1. Hi I really like your job your great and would like to see the japanese version lyrics for Heart to Heart by 4Minute =)
    Thanks for your time

    • Thank you! :D

      The Japanese single isn’t out until the 7th of September (so a little over 2 weeks) and Japanese lyric websites don’t put them up until the day the single goes on sale or after. If I do find the lyrics elsewhere then I’ll put them up, otherwise you have to wait a big longer sorry. :(

    • LOL just after I replied to your comment I found the Japanese lyrics on a Japanese fan blog. -goes to romanize them now-

  2. LOL I know they are a band, but could you Color SCANDAL? :3 Thanks~!!!

    • I don’t know the members of SCANDAL well enough to colour code them but if you want, you can help me out with that? :D

      What SCANDAL songs do you want to see up here?

      • I know the members, and Id love to help xD I would like Beauteen, Cute and Scandal Nanka Buttobase to be color coded the most x3

  3. I love your blog *-* Please, can you add the lyrics and the translation of Dada Para!! By GIRL NEXT DOOR?
    Thank you so much *__*

  4. Wow you’re so fast, thank you so much *__*

  5. Completely in love with your blog. It’s sooo helpful :D

    Could you possibly do the lyrics for “Hate You” and Rainbow’s “A” (I know it just came out but I love it *o* )

    • Thank you :D I’ll see if I can find the lyrics somewhere since official J-lyrics websites only put the lyrics up once the singles/albums are officially released which makes them hard to find. :x

  6. SHINee’s Juliette Japanese Version!^^

  7. RAINBOW – A (Japanese Version) please ^^

  8. SNSD’s Run Devil Run Japanese Version please~thk you=]

  9. hi! i really need the japanese lyrics for hate you X.X it’s for a contest and i don’t find lyrics for my group and i, learn it :( </3

  10. by 2NE1, i forgot ^^”

  11. 2NE1’s I’m The Best please.. thank you :D

  12. kara – girls be ambitious!
    please ^^

  13. 2NE1’s Ugly in japanese please ^^

  14. i would like the Japanese lyrics to Bad Girl and Shock by B2ST (:
    please and thank youuu~

  15. It would be wonderful if you could post the lyrics and translation of the song “Can I Have A Word’ by Capsule. Thank you :)

  16. Can you do Utada Hikaru’s “Hikari”, “Passion”, and “Goodbye Happiness”?

  17. please upload Ayumi’s FIVE album lyrics once they are out :) THANKS!!

  18. Can you do one for SJM’s perfection japanese version?

  19. I am from a Kpop Fansub. I need the romaji lyrics “It’s Fantastic” (Japanese ver) (SNSD) to make subtitle for Arena Tour. I have already found Kanji lyrics. Can you help me ? Thank you very much ^^

    My love
    It’s not a dream…
    It’s Fantastic!

    ちょっと違う私みたいで Feels!OK!

    Take it! 一緒に見よう oh! oh! Beautiful sky
    ドキドキする この世界を ねえ 君と

    yeah あの空と太陽 すべてが今輝くよ
    目を閉じて 君の胸に飛び込む
    いつも私のそばにいてね 永遠を信じてるよ
    星空の下 君と歌おう just for us love song

    キラキラ きれいな星みたいね
    輝く君は この世界を照らすの
    always sunny day

    yeah あの空と太陽 すべてが今輝くよ
    目を閉じて 君の胸に飛び込む
    いつも私のそばにいてね 永遠を信じてるよ
    星空の下 君と歌おう just for us love song

    My love
    It’s not a dream…
    It’s Fantastic!

    二人で fly the sky 手を繋いだら Fantastic!

    yeah あの空と太陽 もっと輝いたら ねえ
    目を閉じて 君の胸に飛び込む
    いつも君のそばにいたい 永遠を信じてるよ
    星空の下 君と歌おう just for us always

    fly away fly away…

  20. perfection japan vers pleasee also destiny

  21. hi, would it be alright for you to post up the lyrics for ‘run for you’ by KAT-TUN? thanks:D

  22. Could you please do More Kiss by Fairies? (awesome new group, I’m loving them!)

  23. Could you please do more color coded lyrics of Morning Musume? I really love them, and I can help if you want. Thanks! ^-^

  24. can u put up the lyrics to morning musumes new songs, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun dayo! and Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai.

  25. can you do KAT-TUN Yuuki no Hana?(:

  26. after school red- in the night sky (Japanese version) TY ((:

  27. Could you please do one for Morning Musume’s Only You? Much thanks :D

  28. Can you do Olivia Inspi Reira – A Little Pain? (:
    & Rose – Anna Tsuchiya Inspi’Nana (Black Stones) ~

    Thank you ! <3

  29. AKB48 pleaseeee

  30. lucifer by shinee jap version please?? :)

  31. Hi can I request for (BENI – Crazy Girl) & (BENI – Koe O Kikasete) ?
    Thank you :)

  32. Hey Say Jump – Magic Power

  33. 2ne1. dont stop the music
    pleas do it
    thank you!!!!!!1

  34. 2ne1. dont stop the music
    pleas do it
    thank you!!!!!!1

  35. Hi!

    I’d like to know if it was possible to ask for the japanese lyrics for the japanese version of Mabinogi!. I know it’s quite difficult since it was never released as an actual single.

  36. Would’y mind to post bout Perfume’s lyrics, please?! X3

  37. winter magic – KARA please… thank you :D

  38. I’m sure you’re probably in the middle of it, but you could put up B.U.T. by TVXQ please?
    Awesome site btw :)

  39. Shy boy by secret pls. the Japanese version is out.

  40. Hi:) Could I request for Arashi’s Mada Minu Sekai E?:p I have the lyrics and translations but I couldn’t figure out who’s singing which part… By the way, thank you so much for having so many lyrics for T-ara:D

    • I’m not familiar with their voices so even if I put the lyrics up I wouldn’t be able to do the colour coding :( Unless someone knows and will help out..

  41. B.U.T – TXVQ
    Duet – TVXQ
    i don’t know – TVXQ
    Superstar – TVXQ
    thanks alot ^^

  42. I would like the lyrics for Scecret – Shy Boy (Japanese Version) if that’s possible

  43. can i request a japanese lyric for Hey! Say! JUMP – Magic Power ??? thank you :D :D :D

  44. thank you so much for Secret Shy Boy JP vres. … I would like if you could KARA – Winter Magic =)

  45. Hello

    I’ve listened to his nearly a hundred times…and I still can’t understand more than 50% of what he’s saying.

    Can you post the lyrics? Thanks a lot!


    I’m pretty much lost after 渋滞中Freeway …lol…

    • Hmm I tried searching for the lyrics online but no luck so far. D: A person even commented on that youtube video asking where to find the lyrics (was that you?). I tried on all the major Japanese lyric websites and they’re not there.. I’m sorry, I don’t think I can help you. :(

  46. Hey u should put some buono and demashita songs on here

  47. Thanks to this topic

  48. I would like to request lyrics
    A lot of doors
    sung by kiyono
    in PF AUDIO album, Achillea
    The song itself is hard to find. While the lyrics, I tried to find the kanji in google, but none.

  49. Hi is this still alive?
    Need lyrics for “Pojitika” i’ve search google and even use japanese words too and still no luck. Im pretty bad at listening to the music and its hard to follow and write it down >.>


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