FSBolthof or FSB, co-author
Name: Floris
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Country: The Netherlands/ Holland
Timeline Eastwick: + 1 
Origin: Dutch
Birth date: 12 september
Study: Last year of the highest secondary school
Relation: No
Siblings: No
Hobby: Tennis, gaming and KPOP!
Main groups and biasses (I don’t listen Jpop a lot):
– SNSD                         – Hyoyeon
– f(x)                             – Victoria
– 2NE1                         –  Sandara
– Super Junior         – Shindong
– Chi Chi                      – A-Zi
– Dal Shabet              – Gaeun
– Brown Eyed Girls – Jea
– T-ara                         – Hwayoung
– Coed/ 5 dolls         – Hyoyoung (Hwayoung’s twin sister XD)
– Miss A                      – Suzy
Little biography:
Hi everybody,
If you read this, then you are probably a fan of snsdlyrics.wordpress.com. You will probably come by at least once a week to check up the newest lyrics and colorcoding, but you probably don’t know anything about the authors. So I thought to myself: “what about a little biography”? 
I just joined as co-author (October 2011) and probably most of you don’t know me at all. You probably just saw my username flash by at replies or colour coding credits. So let’s start shall we?
My first contact with Kpop was around february 2010. I was surfing through a Dutch social site, called Hyves and I eventually ended up on a social page of a Chinese scholor from my school. It was the first time that I saw here social page and while I was scrolling down I saw several youtube videos. Most of them from male Chinese solo singers, but one of the videos caught my eye. It saw 9 girls in sexy outfits (duh ofcourse that caught my eye :P). The video was the MV of SNSD’s (Girls Generation) Run Devil Run with romanization, hangul and translation. I was curious so I clicked on it. Immediatly from the start I really loved the beat and the song. It was so great that I didn’t even care that it was korean. I listened the songs about 20 times and then I couldn’t play the song anymore unless I went to the youtube site. So I did and then I saw their other videos. In that day I downloaded all the MV songs of SNSD and I feeled like I found the best music ever. During the next couple of weeks I found more Kpop through the social page and youtube. I started to love f(x), 2NE1 and super junior.This really got meBut it all realy started at the start of 2011. At that time I neglected almost all of the Europese chart and became focused on the Kpop chart.
To help me understand and sing the lyrics I looked through several colorcoding sites. At first I trusted every colorcoding they suggested, mainly because I watched only one site. But after a while I found out that some of their lyrics were horribly wrong compared to the real song and all the colorcoding sites are different. Eventually I came in contact with this site and saw that this site gave the best colorcoding, because they followed more evidence, like live performances. Besides this site wasn’t just a one-man-show, but this site was helped by the entire community. Everyone helped out to fixt the colorcoding or lyrics. In this way almost all the errors got fixed and you could see the viewers were happy. This really got me, so I kept coming back. But when the Japanese album of SNSD came around, then I became active. I started to hurl replies around to fix the colour coding of every lyric I came in contact. I started to examine several live performances and that’s why my colour coding became pretty good. My first big fix was probably “I’m in Love with the HERO”, because with the crappy fancams I still got a little close to the truth and kept doing that, till I finally saw it was perfect (just search trough many of my replies in their album).
After that I even threw several color coded songs around at the korean requests and still fixed alot. I saw the fixing wasn’t going pretty fast and after another fix at SNSD’s Girls Generation (the song), she asked me if I could help her out through Twitter. I made a Twitter account, called FSBcolorcoding just for her and I kept her posted of my latest adjustments and lyrics.
But I still saw it wasn’t going fast. So one late night in bed (around 12 pm in Holland and 11 am in New Zealand….) we chatted through twitter. One of us asked (don’t remember who) if I could help and so I did.
I got acces to the site around 2 October 2011 and I started fixing (so Jo wouln’t have to be that busy with that) and later I posted my first post. It was f(x) Me + U, a song which I wanted posted for a long time. Sadly my lyrics weren’t that good, because I just got it of a site and discoverd that Jo romanizes every song HERSELF!! Jo was more reliable than me.
So from now on Jo romanizes the lyrics and I color code it along with her. I work on many post, but I only give myself credit if I changed or posted a large part of the colorcoding.
And to be honest “I could not be more happy to help Jo out”!! Jo did all the work of the site all alone till I came to help her. So all be very gratefull to Jo :), just like I am, because this is in my opinion the best color coding site in the history of Kpop!!
P.S. I might have some grammatic and spelullar errors (did I write that good XD), because English is not my birth language, but I think I wrote a pretty good biography :P. But do correct me if I wrote wrong, partly because I’m too lazy to read it again :D.

11 Responses to “FSB”

  1. This is creepy!! You’re Dutch too and you have the same biases in SNSD and Super Junior as me!! :D:D:D

    Waarom typ ik dit eigenlijk in het Engels?? XD

    • Wij Nederlanders zijn gewoon awsome XD. Wij zien tenminste de ware talent van hyoyeon en shindong in hun dansen en hun mooie maar erg aparte stem. Ik vind hyoyeon heel mooi (niet als sexy want eerlijk gezegd ze is niet prachtig maar wel aantrekkelijk) en natuurlijk fantastisch grappig en lekker brutaal en gewoon zo knullig melig (de lijst kan maar doorgaan), dat heeft shindong ook (behalve dat ik shindong aantrekkelijk vind natuurlijk.
      Trouwens ik kan niet wachten op snsd nieuwe album jij ook? Trouwens nou ben ik ook een beetje nieuwsgierig over jou, vertel me wat

      • Nou, ik kan ook niet wachten tot ‘The Boys’ uitkomt! En ik vind Shindong ook niet erg aantrekkelijk ofzo, maar hij heeft gewoon iets wat hem speciaal maakt, net als Hyoyeon. En ze zijn gewoon ook erg grappig. XD Om een of andere reden zijn mijn biases altijd degene die die het meest underrated zijn.
        Iets over mij? Nou ja, ik woon dus in Nederland, ik ben een meisje van 15 en zit nu in 4Gymnasium.

      • Ja maar het is ook zo dat europa en de VS juist de gene het meest mogen die ze het minst mogen on Azië. Zo is hyoyeon het meest geliefd in Europa en inderdaad mijn bias heeft vaak ook weinig tekst en danst vaak goed en eigenlijk ook.vaak rappers. Trouwens ik zit ook op het gymnasium maar dan de 6e in Amersfoort. Als jij daar ook zit dan is dat heel erg freaky, maar die.kans is.wel heel.klein XD

      • Zou idd wel freaky zijn, maar nee, ik zit in Haarlem op school. (Is trouwens niet zo heel ver van Amersfoort XD).

  2. oh wow ur bday is right after mine!! mine is september 11th xD

  3. wajo ben jij gehandicapt domme

  4. wajo

  5. could you change the colour of the members of T-ara, there are too similar

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