Secret – Amazinger (Zinger Solo)


Hyosung | Zinger | Ji Eun | Sunhwa


Yeah, Turn The Music Up! Legendary TS
Moneychord Music Let’s Go!

(Scratch) DJ Writz

geuttaen sesang jungshim chugeun baro na
Blah Blah! nuga mwora, hadeon ga
ane gireun tturyeot haesseo
deo sanggak halgeot do eobshi ttoryeot haesseo I Just Can’t Stop!

Get Up Get Up, gwirobgo jichyeo do
I Never Give Up, pogi hago shipeo do
I’m Standing Right Here, nae eorin na i
geuttan geon amu sang gwan do an haesseo

danji nan hibhibi johatdeon kkum manhdeon ai
Rap To The Dancing, nan mae ilbami
jisae dorok kkumeul hyanghae dallyeot gatji
keun kkumeul gaseume pumeotji

nae charye maebeon gidarida
nal gaereul dalgo haneul wiro Fly High
I Can Do It Better, Get Up, Get Up!
Yeah, Baby Keep Your Head Up Now

That’s Right! Uh huh

A-Yo Time To Secret, igeoseun Real Talk
dando jikib, Ready For The Spotlight Ho, Yeah!
nan jeongsange seosseo
dalkomhan satang ballim naneun geugeotman baraesseo

sumanheun seukejul, seukaendeul, Fan deul
nal hyanghan akpeure, Can’t- Can’t Be Handle
nan kul hae, Robbin ye 31
byeollo shingyeong an sseo OK, deoreo wo

igeon gyeou Episode 1
nal igineun Method neun Nothing At All
modu nae raebe, Put Your Hands In The Air
jwau ap dwe, sabange Ready Set

What I Want? What I Need? What I Know?
But I Can’t Stop! I Wanna Be A Super Star
ttak jigeumi sunganin geotman gata
i Track eun nal wihan, saero un jeomhwa ye bulsshi

(Scratch) DJ Writz

nan baegopeun kkum man meokgo saneun mong sang ga
neon meori keun malman manheun geujeo Top Star
jeokeo do nan nae kkumeul sseo naeryeo ga
jeokeo dwo, neon balkkum chido mot ttara ga

il geosu il tujok modeunge, yuhoki dwae yoki dwae
But I’m OK, ganghae jil gyegi ga dwae
shigan ye angae, moduda mudeulge
jikilge nae shin nyeom Leggo!

Amazinger Like Magic, nan Madonna
gateun byeonham eobtneun Classic
byeolbit dalbit bichumyeon modu ga nal bulleo
nohji anhgi wihae mae ilbam nan hollo, What?

nan MIC jabeun girl group
geu dongan chama watdeon geotppun
geu nugu boda ttwi eo nan Groove
You Slave To A Page In My Rhyme Book, Yes!


Romanized lyrics by me! Colour coding by me!
So if you take these lyrics, please credit me here!



Yeah, Turn The Music Up! Legendary TS
Moneychord Music Let’s Go!

The center of the world was me back then
Blah blah – no matter what anyone said, my path was clear
It was so clear that there was no need to think again – I just can’t stop,
Get up, get up even if it’s miserable and tiring,
I never give up even if I want to give up
I’m standing right here, my young age? I don’t care about that
I just liked hip-hop and had many dreams
Rap to the dancing – I stayed up every night, running toward my dreams
I kept my big dreams in my heart
I waited for my turn every time
And finally I spread my wings and fly high to the sky
I Can Do It Better, Get Up, Get Up!
Yeah, Baby Keep Your Head Up Now

* Hey, Let’s Get Down, shake your body
Let’s Get Up Now, shout out loud
Dance All Night

Time To Secret, this is the real talk
I’m straightforward, ready for the spotlight, ho yeah!
I’m standing on the top like sweet candy, I only hoped for that
The countless schedules, scandals, fans- the bad comments about me- can’t can’t be handle
But I’m cool like Robbin’s 31, I don’t really care OK, it’s dirty
This is just episode one – the method to beat me is nothing at all
Everyone put your hands in the air to my rap – the left, right, front and back, all around me ready set
What I Want? What I Need? What I Know?
But I Can’t Stop! I Wanna Be A Super Star
I think this is the perfect moment
This track is the new spark to my ignition

* repeat

I’m a dreamer who eats hungry dreams
You’re a top star with a big head and too many words
At least I write down my dreams
You can’t even follow your own footsteps
My every move becomes a temptation or disgrace
But I’m OK, it’s a process that makes me stronger
i will bury everything in the fog of time
I will protect my belief, leggo
Amazinger like magic – I’m a classic like Madonna
When I shine the starlight, moonlight, everyone calls me
In order to not lose it, every night by myself, I – what?
I’m part of a girl group who grabs the mic
I’ve just been holding it in all this time
My groove is better than anyone else
You a slave to a page in my rhyme book, yes!

Translation Credits: pop!gasa


~ by Jo on October 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Secret – Amazinger (Zinger Solo)”

  1. Thank You~^^

  2. Instead of “Get Up Get Up, gwirobgo jichyeo do” it’s “Get Up Get Up Get Up go jichyeo do.”

  3. Thanks a lot, I love your website! Great lyrics, the translation too :)

    What a pity this song is so unknown! It’s real ghetto, love it so much! :) Zinger fighting!

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