Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Jea | Miryo | Narsha | Ga-In


Feel. Watch. P-L-U-S. Sixth Sense.

gildeul yeo jilsu ga eobseo naneun jeoldae
Don’t touch touch, Rush it rush it
meolliseo bwado neoreul ireuki neun nae nun
bichi bichi, Guilty guilty

mok mareuneun ni
eolguren ttambang uri maetjhigo
nal karo un nae son kkeuten
ni saljeomi maejhigo

The bubble in champagne
teojineun good pain
(Love is a many, Love is just a game)
Hit that high

Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo~)
neowa nae sa ireul, gadeuk chae ul music
Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo~)
gappa jinsum sori, geu isang ye music (Showtime)
Pop~ Pop~ (Say)
naega neowa na nugo peuni gamjeongeun, More than emotion
Better than the love motion (motion)

ni mamdaero geuson bbeod jimara geudaero
Sit sit, geureohji geureohji
bin teumeul julttae, kkaji gidarida geuttae
Kiss kiss, Frenchy Frenchy

neo gajigo itneun
chokeul jomdeo nopi se ugo
jeo chawoneul neomeo
oneun neukkime neol matgigo

jeolgeul ane gadhin
du mari gati
(Love is a many, Love is just a game)
Hit that high

Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo~)
neowa nae sa ireul, gadeuk chae ul music
Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo~)
gappa jinsum sori, geu isang ye music (Showtime)
Pop~ Pop~ (Say)
naega neowa na nugo peuni gamjeongeun, More than emotion

ni bi mireul sumgin kkum soge
machi nan mu ye shik cheoreom seumyeo ga
jomdeo jayuroun geugose
(Ga-In Jea) Hey, live it up right away! Meow~

jigeum naega escort, haneun daero man nareul ttarawa bwa
(New World) jiteun gyeong heom halsu, isseo mot midgesseum igeol bwabwa
(Follow me) uh (Say my name) jomdeo louder
You won’t forget me, Sing it to me, baby!
(Follow me) geureohji! (Say my name) Gracias!

Can you follow?
igeol deudgo namyeon neoneun mot ijeul geol
dareun eumak deureun ije Boring ilgeol
(Raise arms!) Halt and fire!

Hoh Oh~

Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo~)
neowa nae sa ireul, gadeuk chae ul music
Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo~)
gappa jinsum sori, geu isang ye music (Showtime)
Pop~ Pop~ (Say)
naega neowa na nugo peuni gamjeongeun, More than emotion
Better than the love motion (motion)


Romanized lyrics by me! Colour coding by me!
So if you take these lyrics, please credit me here!



Feel, Watch, P L U S
Sixth Sense

I can’t be tamed, I can never, don’t touch touch, rush it, rush it
My eyes that arouse you even from far away, guilty guilty

Your thirsty face starts sweating
And your flesh is on the tip of my sharp fingers

The bubble in champagne
Explodes, good pain
(No need to worry, love is just a game)
Hit that high

*Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo)
The music that will fill the space between us
Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo)
Out of breath, more than music
Pop~ Pop~
This feeling that I want to share with you is more than emotion
Better than the love motion

Don’t reach out on your will, just sit, sit, that’s right
Wait for a chance and when you get it, kiss kiss, frenchy frenchy

Higher up your sense
And give yourself to the feeling that is climbing over that level

Just like two animals trapped in a jungle
(No need to worry, love is just a game)
Hit that high

* Repeat

In the dream that you have hidden your secrets
I smear into it subconsciously
Into that freer place
Hey, live it up right away, huh?

Just follow me as I escort you
(New World) Look at this if you don’t think you’ll experience something dark
(Follow me) uh (say my name) a little louder
You won’t forget me, sing to me baby
(Follow me) that’s right (say my name) gracias
Can you follow?
You won’t be able to forget this after hearing it
Other music will get boring
(Raise arms!) Halt and fire!

Translation Credits: pop!gasa


~ by Jo on September 23, 2011.

37 Responses to “Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense”

  1. i luv this song soo much! TY FOR POSTING IT

  2. Wow! So fast…thank you for the lyricss! <3

  3. can u add the part that Miryo sings at the beginning if u know what she says? it shows her singing it in the mv at beginning of song

  4. @SUJU
    Miryo says in the beginning “Feel. Watch. P-L-U-S. Sixth Sense.”

  5. Just letting you know, it isn’t “No need to worry, Love is just a game”. It’s a sampling from Moulon Rouge, and the line goes “Love isn’t money! Love is just a game.”

    • *Moulin

      Pardon my Francais.

      • It’s from Moulin Rouge’s “Elephant Love Medley”, and the lines are “Love is a many splendored thing” and “Love is just a game.” The other sampling is “Please don’t start that again.” :)

  6. @ Jewelia13, ah, my bad – I wasn’t listening carefully enough, I guess, so I’d forgotten the proper wording. ^^; I just knew it was from Moulin Rouge.

  7. jag hör 1a koreanska låten nu…vet inte

  8. narsha does the little meow

  9. Just letting you know that it’s:

    (Follow Me) Grazie! (Say my name) Gracias!

    Miryo rolls both of her “r”s for both words, which wouldn’t make sense for “geureohji”. By the way, “grazie” is not pronounced like ‘grazee’… it’s pronounced like ‘grazi-eh’, which you can hear her say and is evidenced by her slip lip movement for the ‘eh’.

  10. [Miryo]Love is just a game

  11. Omg what CAN THEY SING. Especially jea! That beautifull high note of her (can you place that to?)

  12. wow i love this song, thank you :)

  13. I really really love this song, the MV is great! And thanks for the lyrics ^.^

  14. Hi some slight adjustments (on a failing old labtop since my computer crashed…).

    Overall chorus:
    – after “gappa jinsum sori, geu isang ye music” Miryo says (Showtime)and after the Pop Pop (3rd one) Miryo says (Say).
    -It should be Pop~ (wooh) (pop)Pop~ (hoo hoo)

    It’s especially for the chorus:
    -1st chorus: The first “hoo hoo”is Jea and their is no second “hoo hoo” so please remove that.
    -2nd chorus: The first “hoo hoo”is Narsha and again no second “hoo hoo”.
    -3rd chorus: The first “hoo hoo” is Jea and the second is Ga-In I think.

    And other things:
    – Hey, live it up right away! This is Ga-In and Jea.
    – After the first halt and fire follows:
    (Jea) Ah~
    (Narsha) Meow
    (Ga-In) Ah~
    (Narsha) Ah~
    (Jea) Hoh Oh~
    – “New World” is also sung by Miryo

  15. Oh sry my bad “hoo hoo” is sung in the chorus, but I didn’t hear it at first (it is very soft). So my adjustments for “hoo hoo” should be the Oh~ instead just before they sing “neowa nae sa ireul, gadeuk chae ul music”

  16. I just saw in a other live performance that the english line between Jea’s lines is “No Need to Worry, Love Is Just A Game”.
    And after the last line should be: “Better than the love motion (Motion)”.

    And in both performances I saw Narsha sing “geureohji geureohji” with Ga-In (Very sure she does), so maybe she sings “Guilty Guilty” with Ga-In in the first part.

  17. Finally found this TT
    Thanks for posting!

  18. It should be “No need to worry, love is just a game” not “Love is a many, love is just a game”.

    The lines are solely by Miryo anyway.

  19. I swear instead of geurohji, Miryo is saying grazie, which is Italian for thank you. It would make sense because of gracias… Maybe it’s just me that hears that though. :/

    • Sry to dissapoint you, but if you look for the official lyrics or just take a look at one of their live performances (where the lyrics can be seen in the corner) then youll see it isnt grazie, but it sure can sound like it.

  20. At the end of her rap, Miryo says “grazie” not “geureohji.”

    • No as said before. The official lyrics do NOT state grazie. The easiest way to see this is by looking at a live performance where.the korean lyrics are stated below. At her rap states a korean word for geureohji and then in roman writing ‘gracias’. If it was truly grazie then you could read that below in roman writing.

      • A lot of times the “official” lyrics are wrong, especially the ones during live performances.

      • Well sry I believe Jo here. She romanized it all and I’ve seen some other lyrics, and they all say geurohji instead of grazie.
        At this point we need more proof and sry im not convinced.

      • I don’t know why you’re not convinced. Grazie and gracias mean the exact same thing, it would only make sense that that is what’s correct. geurEOHji and grAzie make 2 very different vowel sounds, and Miryo is definitely using the AH sound.

  21. … It’s not No need to worry (Love is just a game). It is Love is many ( Love is just a game). No one in the group sings that, they took it from Moulin Rouge so it is technocally Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor who sing that part. x3

    • It is not that. Just check the official and live lyrics and you will see.

    • I’m pretty sure I changed the sampled parts to “Love is a many, Love is just a game” before but looks like FSB might have changed them back. I know that it was sampled from Moulin Rouge even though the official lyrics (as well as the ones onscreen when they perform on music shows) say otherwise. D:

  22. i luz this song even my little sister like it

  23. At one point it sounds like Narsha is rapping “You were cheating on me”, so clearly I thought they were the actual lyrics, lol. Thanks for the reality check! Haaa, I feel stupid. X3

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