2011-05-05 pre-dia & PASSPO shows

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WOW. Yesterday I wrote about how long it’s been since I last seen a PASSPO show live (January 2011 not including yesterday’s special show) and guess what? I CAUGHT A LIVE SHOW TONIGHT. YES! It’s not a short show either but it was nearly 2 hours long – super awesome!!

But before we talk about PASSPO, 2 hours before their show there was a pre-dia one. pre-dia is the older sister group to PASSPO and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them perform. All the girls are beautiful and their image is sexy so their songs, choreography and outfits definitely reflect this. Unfortunately the stream died for everyone watching after the first few songs but I did manage to get some screenshots (as I do, lol). pre-dia pictures time!Yes that’s a cane...and this was when the stream died.

~ 2 hours later ~


Start time: 6:30pm Japan time.
The stage is empty. It’s dark. We hear a familiar voice – Ai’s. It’s all cool and dramatic in a way with her speaking and some cool music playing. The girls enter one by one. The first 3 are Anna, Yukimi and Mio.All the girls were in school outfits and half of them had glasses on; Natsumi & Naomi & Kaho & Mio & Anna.That’s Makoto by the way.NO OFFENSE PATA, I LOVE MIOMIO A LOT BUT OMG SHE LOOKS CREEPY IN THIS SCREENSHOT LOL D: Mio’s in the bright white blouse who looks like she’s floating or.. something even creepier.. This was the first song the girls did: Natsu Sora DASH!Straight into Go On A Highway!and then straight into BREAK OUT!! YAY! Shiori’s song!TWO!! I WANNA BE FREETHREE!! HERE’S SO FRUSTRATING
MC time! All the girls got into a line and Anna picked something up from the ground and chucked it backstage, not sure what it was..Yukimi says that they’re also broadcasting the show live on UST and everyone waves to the cameras. I got a really good screenshot of Kaho coming right up to the camera BUT *long story short* my computer went crazy because I was using too much memory and half the screenshots I took disappeared. :(Shiori is flexible.Shoujo Hikou time!I honestly love their choreography! A BRILLIANT TEACHER :)UHAE! time!Pretty Lie!GPP time! At this moment I realized Mio’s glasses were gone, my guess is they fell off earlier and that’s what Anna picked up before the 1st MC.Muteki GIRL!Then all the girls left the stage leaving Mio alone, but then Anna & Yukimi & Shiori & Makoto & Sako come back on.M&M’s start dancing to an anime song that I don’t know but it’s called “ハートキャッチプリキュア!” (Heart Catch Precure!). Seeing the M&M’s dance to it was very cute! :DYukimi, Naomi, Ai, Sako and Anna come back onstage while the M&M’s leave. KARA – Jet Coaster Love starts playing and the girls throw something into the crowd and not only begins to dance – but also sing! :D This is the 3rd time I’ve seen a PASSPO show where they dance to a Korean group, last year I got to see Sako and Anna dance to KARA – Lupin & SNSD – Gee (Korean).ANNA TOTALLY TUBBED HER TUMMY DURING THE “HARA HARA” PART.

2011-06-08 EDIT: LOL SO IT’S BEEN OVER A MONTH AND I’VE FORGOTTEN TO FINISH WRITING THIS so I’ll just leave everything exactly how it was and not bother finishing it. The notes I took while watching the show are below. MESSY

6:30pm ~ 8:15pm

Anna + Mio + Naomi + Kaho + Nachu = glasses
school girl uniforms

intro (Aipon) -> Anna+Yucky+Mio enter first; all in a line -> NATSU SUMMER DASH! -> Go On A Highway -> BREAK OUT!! (yucky/shiori -> kaho/shiori/naomi (tesuto) –> ai/shiori (dareka) -> MC – Anna picks something up from the ground and throws it backstage – intros: aipon – yucky – morishi – naomin – muushu – sakotee – nachu – makochan – miomio – annya (sako says they’re streaming on UST, they wave at cameras) -> “stand up! stand up! yay minna!” SHOUJO HIKOU (kaho (before 1st sankai) / kaho (kimi no somethingsomething before SANKAI again) -> UHAE! -> PRETTY LIE -> GPP (at this time I noticed Mio’s glasses were gone, probably fell off before MC) (utsmademo->shiori/kaho after? or with?) -> MUTEKI GIRL -> everyone minus Mio leaves stage. Mako, Anna, Yucky, Naomi and Sako come on. they all leave minus the M&M’s who start dancing to a song. “プリキュア”? it’s cute though. -> M&M’s leave; Anna+Sako+Yucky+Naomi+Ai come on. KARA – JET COASTER LOVE dance. they throw something into the crowd when music starts. Anna rubs her tummy at “HARA HARA” parts -> they leave, M&M’s back. they dance to a song – no idea what *my firefox crashed* -> Sako + Naomi + Anna + Kaho + Shiori onstage in pretty dresses. pre-dia medley time. Sako (?) jokes around calling themselves “Pasu-dia”
pre-dia medley -> MC -> Let It Go!! -> Yume Passport -> Hallelujah –> Sakura Iro (Ai/Kaho, Naomi/Nachu, Shiori/Yucky, Mio/Mako, Sako/Anna) –> LALA LOVE TRAIN –> MC/END *wota chants: ENCORE! ENCORE! –> ENCORE: UHAI! *END*

~ by Jo on June 8, 2011.

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