PASSPO’s upcoming single – ViVi NATSU ぱすぽ☆新曲「VIVI夏」

Announced yesterday and performed for the first time, PASSPO will release a new single in August titled: ViVi夏 (ViVi Natsu/ViVi Summer)! :D


There was a UST of the second show and a lot of people watched it with me and it was just awesome! :D They performed in 渋谷 (Shibuya) at Mt.RAINIER HALL. It was a free show (both shows that day were) and it began at 6:30pm JST and lasted for an hour and a half? I think..

Here’s the setlist that I typed out to @brianAM_ over msn last night:

1. Let It Go!!
3. MC
4. Pretty Lie
5. GPP
6. MC
7. Shoujo Hikou
8. Mio solo dance to some anime song that @patachu would know OH WAIT I think it’s called Megu Megu Fire Endless Night
9. Sako x Anna – RUN DEVIL RUN
10. Naomi x Kaho being weird then the rest of PASSPO come out / MC (intros. aipon-yucky-morishi-naomin-muushu-sakotii-nachu-makochan-miomio-annya)
11. BREAK OUT!!!
12. Go On A Highway
13. Muteki GIRL
14. Sakura Iro
15. MC
16. HALLELUJAH (Ai hugging Shiori aww, then GROUP HUG yaaay)
17. Natsu Sora DASH
19. MC -short-
20. UHAE!
21. MC / leaves stage
22. ENCORE: MC new single announcement in August 23. NEW SONG OMG (ViVi NATSU)
24. ENCORE #2: [luggage out] Shoujo Hikou

Usually when I watch a live show I take screenshots but I didn’t last night because @yellosaurus recorded the whole show. :D


~ by Jo on June 5, 2011.

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