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UPDATE: CLICK HERE to see a short clip with Ai crying as she found out PASSPO got #1 on Oricon!!

4 May 2011

Earlier today I made a post about how PASSPO are #1 on the ORICON Daily Chart.


At 11:30am ~ 12:15pm Japan time PASSPO held a live showcase for their major debut. It was streamed live on USTREAM but unfortunately was password protected. This really made me sad because it has been months since I have last seen a PASSPO show live. *checks that link* WOW JANUARY omg /withdrawal


The girls didn’t know what ranking their sales got for the day – but we do. I wasn’t able to tune in right from the start since it was password protected but an amazing Japanese fan told me it and I love him for it. :D

Luckily when I tuned in PASSPO were performing the first song of the day – Let It Go!!. YAY! :D :D Then it was MC time where the girls introduced themselves.
Right after that, LA LA LOVETRAIN! Take out your coloured sparkly towels and wave them in the air! I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU♪
UHAI! time! This is the b-side to their brand new major debut single Shoujo Hikou. This song will need to grow on me a bit since this was the first time I heard it full. Still fun though! Lots of jumping, clapping and stomping. Kaho and Shiori leads. :DDio would be proud!
After UHAI! ended the girls all walked over to the left side of the room next to the audience..
The girls were given baskets with ちまき inside and handed them out to every audience member. LUCKY! Naomi also kept sniffing them lol :P
Then back onto the stage! See that cute airplane above the heads? There’s a banner that will unfold when the airplane gets pulled across the stage to the left to show what the daily Oricon ranking would be. Remember: The girls do NOT know how much their single has sold during its first day.
Kaho and Naomi were picked to pull the rope that will reveal the banner. The two girls were really giddy and excited. :D#1 ON ORICON DAILY CHART YEAHHH!!! Cue a mix of emotional reactions from the girls. :’)Ai is the first to talk and is sobbing into the microphone while Yukimi is crying right next to her. Aww! All the girls were very grateful and thanked everyone and told them how much they appreciate the fans (“Passengers”).Ai and Yukimi cried through theirs, Sako and Anna were well composed while speaking, Mio + Makoto + Natsumi + Shiori’s voices were quivering as they spoke. Makoto kept sniffling, Shiori’s voice was a little weird from all the crying so she laughed it off). As we got to the last two girls, Naomi raised her index finger from her right hand and went, “YEAHH WE GOT NUMBER 1!!!” which drew laughter from the rest of the girls along with the crowd. Kaho pumped her fist in the air and went, “YAAY!!!” Trust these two to lighten up the mood. :D
Then, SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! Even the girls weren’t prepared for this one so they were just as clueless as the rest of us who were there or watching from the stream.PASSPO will be attending JAPAN EXPO in PARIS, France later this Summer!!! Everybody just went “EHHHH?!?!?!?!?!?!!?” and the girls were just shocked. The announcer also pointed out that AKB48 and Morning Musume have performed at JAPAN EXPO before too which is awesome.Half the girls were just silent and Shiori broke the silence by asking them all, “Are you guys alright?” After they all nodded, it was time for the last performance: Shoujo Hikou!


~ by Jo on May 4, 2011.


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