2011-05-11 PASSPO Odoroku TV

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OMG it’s been awhile since I last watched this due to computer problems. What a great time to watch it again though because the girls got to celebrate their Oricon milestone! At first the girls scheduled to be on were Mio, Anna, Ai, Natsumi and Yukimi but then it was changed to all 10 were supposed to appear. Unfortunately Shiori, Sako and Makoto couldn’t turn up but Kaho and Naomi were able to. (Shiori did turn up after the show ended for the handshake event after the show though)

“Attention please, PASSPO desu!”Anna opened the show (and also ended it) and noted that 3 members were absent. She apologized to everyone that Makoto wasn’t there since we all know she’s the most popular member, LOL.Flowers! AND CAKE. Note: Nachu loves her cake (but not as much as ice cream)Ai reading out a congratulatory letter. :DNachu and her piece of cake. The beginning of a beautiful (but short) relationship.Nachu and Yucky were so fun to watch throughout the whole show because they saw on a separate table and spent the whole time eating, laughing, having their own little conversations and messing around on the laptop. :B/DONKAnna and Kaho were really fun to watch too, there were many times when they’d sorta wrestle each other. And by “they” I mean Kaho would grab Anna and push her hat off and make faces at her. :BGAME TIME :DTeam 1: Kaho, Naomi and MioYay Kaho! Right..?NO.Team 2: Natsumi, Ai and YukimiNachu what are you doing.Anna is BEAUTIFUL. SERIOUSLY.Anna is amazing.You can’t really tell what’s going on here but they were play fighting. :P“I’m going to get you Anna.. Just you wait!”These girls <3These girls <3These girls <3Nachu and her cake <3I love how Nachu is leaning on Yucky :DAi watching Nachu and Yucky messing around :BThe end. BYE BYE!

OH YEAH ustreamusume started right after, and..



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