2011-01-27 PASSPO Odoroku TV

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On January 13 2011 PASSPO ぱすぽ☆ got a new live web show that anyone can watch! :D ぱすぽ☆ウェブフライトしていいんでsky! over at Odoroku TV. Awesome right? It’s 45 minutes long and starts at 7pm JST which is 11pm NZT for me. Tonight was their 3rd show and it was the first time I fully saw an episode even though I was aware of the previous two shows.

The first time it aired I tried playing it on the official site but I could only get the audio to work and at the time I had no idea the USTREAM channel streamed it too. The second time (last week) I was busy watching a digest version of AKB48’s documentary over at ameba pigg. :B


The girls tonight were Naomi, Yukimi, Makoto, Anna and Sako!

I wish Mio was there too.. I love YukkiMioAnnya plus Mio is really good at drawing so a challenge against Naomi would have been fun to watch.

Each girl had a turn to talk and do stuff. Sako talked about Jessica from SNSD, Risako from Berryz Kobou and also S/mileage. Then it was Naomi’s turn..

I was watching with Pata and he saw it from the better camera at Odoroku TV so here’s two screen caps he took!


The drawings of the rest of the girls are just as great, especially the one of Yukki so I hope the girls or someone who took photos of it will upload them online soon!

Look what I found on Sako’s blog! Too bad it’s small.. but you can definitely see the drawings a lot better than from my screen caps. LOOK AT YUKKI! SHE LOOKS LIKE A YAM OR SOMETHING


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