One Way – Rainy Days (Acoustic/English ver.)

Rainy Days (Acoustic/English ver.)

Peter | Michael (Chance) | Jun Young (Youngsky)


Verse: 1
I used to sleep by your side,
holding you through the night,
And sometimes we would argue and fight.
But where have we fallen out,
I’ve been waiting here for a while,
Somehow I’m still unsure that you’re gone.

Girl I don’t know what I’m thinking,
promises I’m making myself,
To wash you out my head baby.
But I never thought I’ll break it,
any chance I’ll take it right now,
To shower down this pain.

Rainy days, Rainy days,
now that you’ve gone far away,
My raindrops falling down my eyes,
I know I’ll never be okay.
Goes fade away, fade away,
don’t you know I’m missing you,
Here it slowly pours again, every day and night,
As I open my eyes.

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, pouring down my head (x2)

I called you on the phone, to say that I was sorry.
Tried to play it cool but really I was feeling sorry.
Countless ringing on the tone kinda got me worried,
Now I’m sitting here looking like I’m in a hurry.
The way you let me go, the time is moving slow,
We used to hit it off and you and I we had it all.
Yeah we had it all, but you just had enough,
We used to stand under my undrella~ella~ella~
Whatever they say,
I don’t give a damn, I don’t give a hella,
Funny how your time fly only makes it bigger,
Dialing but dilemma started running down my finger,
And you said you’ll always be mine,
caught me in the meanwhile,
Consider me a fool, blame it on me now.
It’s raining more than ever, hour by the hour,
I miss it real bad, all the things that we had.

Repeat Chorus

Never thought it’d be this way,
and I know I’ll never be the same.
Yeah, I know, life goes on,
but still I’m tryna figure it out, being without you baby.
You know it’s killing me to say,
I’ll never see your face again.
Or living without you,
girl how am I supposed to lose you baby.

Repeat Chorus Twice to end

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, pouring down my head (x2)


I just copy+pasted the lyrics here, Peter gave permission for people to post it around so fans can sing along. :)



~ by Jo on December 26, 2010.

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